Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Here we go gang. Another workout project. A few friends and I are starting the P90X workout system. This thing is a bitch. But it can be done. We will complete this. Yesterday was chest and back. Today, Plyometrics. This thing is a killer. There is a diet that goes with it. Up to 3000 calories a day. You have to feed the machine. That's exactly what I'm doing right now. Tomorrow, arms. Wish me luck. Peace out.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Struggling. Tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is it really the 25th. I haven't been on this or any other log for a few weeks. Time to get cracking again. I was told that there are a few people that get a kick out of this. 'Am I a clown? Do I amuse you?' I guess so. Back at it today. Only one game to ref, and it's only an hour and a half. A good workout to get back into it. Tomorrow I start logging everything on the website again. Workouts are scheduled, and you may laugh, but I am not going to be changing my schedule around at work. If I've learned nothing else, consistency is the key. Okay now it's time to close the pool and watch the Colts. Neighbors may come over. We'll see. Peace

Friday, October 9, 2009

Part of the problem with denying yourself something is that that one thing becomes what you think about. Fridays are normally down time around here. Everyone is tired from a long work week and looking forward to Saturday. A lot of times we get together with the neighbors and hang out. Drink too much and do the same thing the next day. Without the enticement of a drink, I really just want to lay around and rest up today. I don't need a beer or a glass of wine, but the idea is a little comforting. It's a matter of being able to do what I want. Having a choice. But I will be strong. I don't care a bout the punch from Fraga. He hits like a girl. I just don't want to admit that I can't do it. This weekend will be the toughest. I know that. Once you get used to something, you can keep it up. It will be nice to wake up tomorrow without a foggy head. :)
On to food. I've been logging all of my food onto the LiveStrong website. I really is a great tool. I went to Skyline chili for lunch today. Mainly because it was convienient. I had no idea how many calories were in a 3-way or a cheese coney. Totally flabergasted. 350 cal per coney, and a regular 3-way has over 700. amazing. If I had seen that before I ordered, I would have gotten something else.
Okay enough rambling about food. My officiating went well yesterday. Lots of skating, but I felt good. A lot more confident. This Sunday, I actually have 4 games scheduled now. When I took the games in Columbus, I thought they were for the following weekend. I feel bad backing out. SOunds kike he needs some people. This could also lead to other jobs. So, 2 Bantam games Sunday morning and then 2 adult games Sunday night, And then the Colts game. Big fun

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not Quite Daily

OK. Not quite getting the posts done everyday, but it is Thursday and I only missed one day of blogging. Like you guys give a shit if it's everyday. My goal is to see how many people will hide my posts. If you get sick of this leave a comment and let me know.
Weight when I started on Sunday was 233ish. Today 230.5. There are 2 schools of thought on daily weight loss. The one I'm going with is that if it's in your mind everyday, it will help you stay motivated. The otherr is that weight loss fluctuates so much that you may be elated one day simply because you drank too little water and are dehydrated so your weight is down. The you cheat and weigh a ton the next day. Or, your weight is high because you are well hydrated and haven't had that morning BM yet and then you get discouraged and start eating wrong again. If you are committed to staying with a heathy diet, daily weigh-ins may be the thing to keep you going.
OKAY, exercise. Didn't quite get the 5 miles on the mid Monday night. I did walk 4 miles last night. Started logging all my food and workouts on the LIVESTRONG website. (Thanks for the tip Heather.) It really is a great website for this sort of thing. Anyway, tonight is another officiating job. 90 minutes of skating. Doesn't sound like a lot? Try it I'm not a martyr or anything, but it is on the difficult side. This is not a workout I can skip since I'm expected to be there. Friday I may actually get to the gym. Shannon and I have decided to put all of our workouts on the calender and then we all know where we need to be and when.
I think that's all for now. The weather sucks and I may just go and take a snooze. PEACE

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

25 or 6 to 4

Does anybody really know what time it is? Working straight mids can really screw with your sense of time. Today is Tuesday. Still. It was Tuesday last night when I wrote. Orwell would have had a blast with our schedules.
ANYWAY> Today has gone good so far. Tried to sleep when I got home. Unfortunately, the dogs decided to go out two times during a period when they are normally pent up. I think they could sense that I was home and wanted to screw with me. Got to sleep until 1:00. May take a little nap before I go to work tonight. DID NOT get to work out today. I was supposed to go and spin but I had to wait for the cable guy to come and fix our phone. Wasn't really broken, just got our old number back. Next is hockey downtown. Alex's first practice. Then off to work again. With the small amount of time away from the scope tonight :) I plan on getting 4-5 miles of walking in. Then I have to rest for Thursdays hockey officiating. Sunday is 2 games in a row, so Saturday is a day off. Now it's time to shower and go to PanAm. I'll try and get more on tonight. PEACE

Day 2 or 27ish to go.

Okay, the day went well. Food consumption could have been so much better. Breakfast was good. Big bowl of Total. Lunch, big bowl of chili and spaghetti. Too big probably. I did run myself out of fuel last night. Reffing a hockey game for 90 minutes is really a lot of work. Not complaining, just sayin'..... Got home at 11:45, tried to go right to sleep. No food, just water. Very empty machine. That said, my afternoon snack was half a peanut butter sandwhich, a bologna and cheese sandwhich, and a handful of chips. Yes sounds like a lot. Nothing illegal, but. Then it's off to Zach's hockey practice, so I got a little bit of a workout. Skating for an hour. Here's my downfall, Chick-fil-a on the way to work. Not bad, fries (evil) and a chicken sandwhich. No soda, but way too much refined sugar and bread today. Nothing since then and it's now 3:15am. Midshifts aren't all that they're cracked up to be. My new goal for the week is to stay out of the drive-through. Hockey is now in full swing and that's going to be hard. i t can be done, but it'll be tough. SO for the rest of the week, no drive thrus. Period.
The beer thing isn't difficult, I just like beer. Tastes good and the side affects aren't too bad. Except for the getting fat thing. And eating way too much when you're drunk. And feeling like shit in the morning and not making your workout. That sort of thing. This may stick a little longer than a month or two.
Workouts this week. Tuesday, pool run and spinning class. I may just have to go to the gym and ride. Wednesday: weights, lite spin and stretching. Thursday: officiate a hockey game. Friday: weights and abs. Saturday: OFF (yard work). Sunday: officiate 2 ockey games, back to back. Yes I'm nuts. 3 hours of straight skating. Should be fun. Hence the day off on Saturday. Monday: right back into it.
If I can stay out of the drive through this week, I may be able to expand my goals for the next few weeks. I know I said no minutia, but I felt it was nesc. to get my point across. Nuff said.
Until tomorrow.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


This is going to sound downright silly to many of you. And no, I'm not drunk right now. A friend and I are going to go without alcohol and sweets (candy, soda, desert) for 28 days. He may go a little longer, but I get Halloween off and then right back at it until Thanksgiving. Did I mention that if you slip, you get punched. Just in the arm or back, and maybe without warning. We had originally agreed to a punch in the face, but we were drunk at the time. Seems drastic. But drastic weights call for drastic measures. Last night was the final blow out and my ears are still ringing. Polka Boy was great. I think. I do know that the pizza from the Willard was fantastic. Today will be a nice slow recovery day. Tonight's workout includes officiating and adult hockey game. 90 minutes of skating. Not NHL pace, but definitely pushing it for me. You are more than welcome to join me on this quest.
After taking off Thanksgiving weekend, I'll be starting the P90x program. For those that haven't seen it, it's an intense 90 day workout program designed to kill all but the strongest. Not really, but if you do it right, it will take off the pounds. I'll keep you updated as we go. I'll try and update everyday, but I won't include the usual minutia you see on Facebook.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Okay sports fans. I am back in. Maybe without as much gusto and bravado as last time. but I am back. That's what the blog name implies anyway. I can't give up. Addictive/compulsive personality disorder.
I just returned from the ortho guy and things check out well with the foot. Since my last post I have had surgery to repair the joint and tendons that were screwed up from the slipping accident. I can do as much as doesn't hurt. I can start running in the pool and biking. I have also begun to skate again. Things seem to be working fine. My goals for next year are much smaller than last. While I missed doing MIE, I do believe that I could have and would have finished Ironman Louisville. I was on the right track to accomplish that. Having said that, we may never know. I may have crashed and burned. I will be back.
Back to the goals. I will attempt the MIE endurathon, yet again. This will be my fifth attempt. Last year was a disaster because of my injury. The three tries before that were shitty because I didn't train and decided not to show up. This is where my friends and coworkers get the impression that I can't finish. This will be the year, barring an injury, that I get it done. Other than the people who may follow or stumble across this blog, I will be keeping my plan under wraps. Nothing is worse that training, albeit not as hard as needed, for six months and then stopping because of an injury. This year may not be much different. But I can't quit trying. SO it starts tomorrow. Back in the pool to run and weights. The first 4 months are going to be focusing on dropping the weight needed to train effectively. The last 6 months are all tri-training. I'll update as things progress. Encouragement is always welcome. Harassment is always expected.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'M OUT. This is probably going to be my last post of the year. I chose today to post because I don't think anyone had July 16th in the, "When is Mikey gonna quit this time?" pool. I wish I would have taken that spot.
Over the Fourth of July weekend, I slipped and jammed my foot against the concrete lip in the garage. I have officially fractured my sesamoids again. Went to Ortho-Indy today and had x-rays. Showed a huge gap between the sesamoids in my right foot. I have been plagued by this in the past. Made a quick trip to Harv's prop shop. Got the boot back on. I go in for an MRI tomorrow night and see how much other damage has been done. Back to Ortho on Wednesday for the official word on how long to wear the boot. Probably 4 weeks. This does crush my chances at finishing Louisville this year. I am officially withdrawing. I am going to cancel my hotel reservations tonight. If you need a hotel in Louisville that weekend, One just opened up.
Randy, you get one week to torture and torment me. After that I'm going to come out swinging. Hell, I might just start swinging Monday anyway.
Thanks to everyone who supported me during this attempt.
Now, repeat after me.
"I will never say triathlon."
"And ME, Mike or I"
"In the same sentence again."
"So help me God."
'SO HELP ME....'
Who am I kidding. What else am I going to waste my money on.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Okay, let's go backwards and see how far we get.
Today, 2500 intervals.
Yesterday, 55 hard miles. Mishap with water bottle led to dehydration and crshing. Don't go out into the wilderness without supplies.Dumbass....
Saturday, 4000 straight. Didn't feel too bad. 
Friday, 40 felt very good, just ran out of time. Water is good.
Thursday, Eliptical run.
Wednesday, 3000 in sets of 500
Tuesday, broken spoke, 7 miles and then a run.
Monday, 2500 intervals. Not a bad week. tomorrow, Brick.
Peace out.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Back in the water. 
300wu, 5 x 100 (on 2:20), 300, 10x50 (on 1:20), 200, 20x25 (on :45), 200cd
For you math majors that's only 2500. a hard 2500.
Tomorrow, a return to the bike.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It must be that about this time, everyone starts to question their ability and sanity. Workouts have been sporadic at best. several hard days and then several off. This last week has gone well. Good swims last week and then a few days off. Lots of 500's on Wednesday and then 3750 straight on Friday. The "lifeguard" looked annoyed. 1 1/2 hours of swimming and noo break for him. Monday was a long ride. 50 miles. Tottally bonked by mile 40. good average until then and then limped home. I did finish. Fitness wasn't the problem. I was just ill-prepared. Only one water bottle and very ittle in the way of snacks. Saturday will be better. 
Only 11 weeks of training until the taper. I have to push it a little farther into the event because 've been behind. Can I do it? Will I be able to finish? Am I in or out? Hopefully I'll get through it. 
I actually got on the eliptical Saturday. Worked well enough and mimicked the run kay. An hour there. No foot pain. I may start throwing that in place of the runs. It should work those muscles. Today is a swim. Intervals. 30-40 mile bike tomorrow. 4000 straight in the pool on Friday. Saturday/rest or long ride (I have to work). Sunday/ long ride or rest  (see Saturday).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally an update. Not that it's much of a surprise, but the workouts have not been going well. I have totally jacked up my back. I rode 25 on last Tuesday, felt okay. Mowed the grass that night. The following day I could barely get out of my car after sitting for a while. Back to the chiropractor on Friday. A good adjustment, but as suspected, the back is still sore. Turns out my body is way out of kilter. 1 hip is at least an inch higher that the other. A few weeks of treatment and it should be back. I am still sore so I'm going to take one more day off and then get in the pool. Last swim went great. 3 x 1000 yds. with warmup, it was about 3200 yds al together. I feel strong in the pool if not fast. Last long ride was last week as well. 37 miles. Not too shabby. I will be back on the bike and in the pool this week. I'm going to take today off and rest. No yard work or pool opening for me. Just sitting and getting healed. One more day off won't ruin everything, right? RIGHT? 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Out of the pool and feeling good. Plenty left in the tank. Maybe that's because I cut the swim to about 1800yds. Halfway through my first 500, someone gets in the pool who obviously can't read the "PLEASE SHOWER BEFORE ENTERING THE POOL!" sign. Ladies and gentlemen please, please, please wash off that nasty perfume/cologne/body spray crap. That stuff just floats on the water and infects my lungs. I almost lost my snack. I had to quit early. let this be a lesson to me, never swim during prime time. Get the workout done in the early afternoon. Sorry about the rant.
It was very chilly and windy early this afternoon. I mean windy. 20-30 knots of wind. Not going to accomplish much more than getting frustrated out there today. Modified schedule. Long bike tomorrow and a swim/bike Friday.
Like many of my friends, I am having a lot of trouble with my feet. I have what I believe to be "semsmoiditus" a real condition. I went to the ortho guy a few years back. The bones under the big toe split apart and cause swelling and a lot of pain. Can you train for an Ironman and not run a step before July. We may find out. I ran 4 miles Tuesday and could barely walk after. Sore and swollen foot. Going to let it heal right before I start to torture myself again. Any suggestions from out there would be good.
Peace. Love.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Okay, folks have been clamoring for an update, so here it goes. More self-indulgence. Thursdays run went pretty well. 4 miles in less than 48 minutes. I know what you're saying, "That's is neither fast nor far." While you are correct, neither am I. It was a good run for me. I know coach is going to bitch, but 2 runs a week for now makes me feel much better. Next run is Tuesday. Long for me 6 miles.
Friday was a short swim. Just enough to get wet. Saturday, as a result of falling into a bottle of vodka the night before, was a waste. It was supposed to be a ride. To make up for it, I went for a 27 mile ride in the hurricane force (15knot) winds and freezing rain (light drizzle and 45 degrees). It still sucked. Penance for skipping Saturday. This week will be a busy one.
I swam 23oo today. 800 of balance drills and 15 main set. Could tell that the balance drills worked and then felt them go away mid set. Going to break up balance drills into smaller pieces placed in the middle of the main set. Tomorrow: long run. Wednesday: swim/20 mile bike.
Thursday: 20 mile bike/2 mile run.
Friday: swim 2500. Saturday: 35-40 mile bike. Sunday: 20-30 mile bike (family picture day, you know).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back in the pool. Back feels fine. Tried a new set of opening drills today. Thanks Randy. I'm going to need more practice. Wasn't thirsty after drinking all of that pool water. Swam 1750 yds. Was going for 2k but ran out of time. Kid stuff. Friday will be different. More drills, more intervals. Today was 4oo yds of drills, 5x100 int., 10x500 int., 14x50 int. Felt really good. pretty slow but good. Bike's out of the shop and on the road tomorrow. Even a short ride outside is better than none at all. Get out and ride.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another week has started and started poorly. Last week ended well. A good enough run. I am not a runner. So , "Why," do you ask, "did you sign up for an event that has a 26 mile run at the end?" I have no idea. I know that I can do it, but I am falling behind. I need to get re motivated and get this weeks work done. Now to my weekend.

After having a good enough run on Friday, I decided to take Saturday off. Lots to do. Then have some fun Saturday night, and finish the weekend off with a long ride at the gym. (My bike should be out of the shop on Wednesday.) We decided to go down to the lake with some friends and stay on their boat. Everything was going great until around 10:00pm when my friend Troy says, "Hey, there's a great big ship floating by." Come to find out, the great big ship was indeed, great big. One of the houseboats moord there decided to take off at 9:30. Much to their chagrin, their engine flooded and stopped shortly after they left the dock. The wind was now carrying them towards the rocks and the bridge. It sounds corny, but we actually rushed into action and stopped the boat from hitting the rocks. Troy, his wife Cindy and I were on the opposite pier and threw ropes to the people on board and stopped it from floating into the rocks, and then towed it by hand down along the pier to secure it for the night.

Here is said boat:

I did in fact strain a muscle in my back. Not so painful Saturday night (beer works), but creeping in Sunday and Monday. I decided to take a few days off and try to get back into the swing of things. I road the bike for an hour today and then tried to run. Running kind of hurt. I'll try again tomorrow and get back into my schedule by next week. No sense pushing too hard and really injuring myself. The "no-work-out" depression sets in. Hopefully, there will be better news tomorrow. Peace out!

Friday, April 10, 2009

This will probably be the last post for the week. I know you are all sad. You sit on the edge of your seat waiting for an update of my ridiculous life. Schadenfreude the Germans call it. I may start to get edgy and include some other sort of rants in here. Life isn't just triathlon training. I'm too tired for that tonight. On to the report. Today was an okay bike. Still inside. Bike is still in the shop. Can't wait to get outside and see some stuff. Riding in the gym is so boring. Same walls, same goofy looks from people wondering if I'm teaching a spinning class and no one showed up. I just have to remember to not sing out loud. Laughing out loud while listening to a podcast is also a no-no.
No schedule for next week yet. Need to look at the kids schedule before I commit to times and such. Tomorrow is a swim and a run. I may actually set my alarm and get up before noon.
Remember, Life is the sum of your experiences, if you don't do shit, you aren't shit.
GOYAADS. Alright, maybe not as catchy as I thought it would be. Until next week.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

All out of funny/cool/intelligent titles for now

Another day, another workout. Coach said their would be days like this. I can hear you laughing and shaking your head. Today was supposed to be a 4 miler. Easy/recovery. It was anything but easy. Walked quite a bit after the first 1.5 miles. Could not keep the heart rate and breathing together. Legs were like lead. I know that my body just needs to adjust to the stress of training this hard. I will get there. I do need to keep reminding myself why I'm doing this. I am not a runner yet. I am still waiting for the breakthrough workout that makes me feel good. Can't wait to get the bike out. I feel like that will be my strong point.
If I can average 15 mph on the bike the ride will be over in 7.5 hours. Way too long. 16mph=7 hours. 17mph=6.5 hours. 18mph (I can hear you laughing again)= about 6 hours. The faster I can get through the bike, the slower I can go on the run. Here are my goals.
Swim 1 hour 40 minutes
T1 25 minutes
Bike 6 hours 30 minutes
T2 25 minutes
Run 7 hours
Total 16 hours
Sounds like a long time. It is. I will be done in less than 16 hours. The power of positive thinking.
On a less positive note. The schedule will be reworked to remove all AM activities after work. Way too hard to do after staying up from 2:00pm until 7:00am the next day. Don't believe me. Try it.

COMING SOON: The cartoon series.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fatigue is not fatal, but it will slow you down

It comes right back to fuel. Didn't fuel up correctly for today's workout. Did fine on my hour ten minute ride. Still riding at the gym. Not because I'm lazy, but my bike is still in the shop getting overhauled. Should be on the road next week.
Fell drastically short on the 2 mile run. Ended up being a 1 mile shuffle. Not discouraged though. Another lesson learned. Legs are lead-like. They told me this would happen.
Today's workout is fairly important as far as attitude goes. AM swim (drills) and then a PM run. With working a midnight shift, it's going to be hard to workout at 6:30am, but it needs to be done.
Luckily I get to go home right after the swim and sleep like a baby. That part is nice.
Back to nutrition. It is time to start applying the rules that I know. Couple weeks off the booze and back to the natural foods. Green is good.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday night/Tuesday morning...whatever

Late at work again. Lacrosse was cancelled for tonight. Weather was too crappy. True to my word, instead of taking the day off, went to the pool. Ladder workout. Swam 50 then 100 then 150 up to 300 and back down. Not too grouling. More of an endurance workout. Should be my Monday workout from now on. Screw days off. Feeling pretty good about the training so far. I should be catching up okay. Plan on adding a couple 100 each week, until I get to 3000 for this workout. Doable.
Finnally starting to get nutrition worked out. Big problem for me. PIZZA IS NOT ENERGEY FOOD. More like running e85 instead of 93 octane. Got to get up to 93. E85 sucks. More tomorrow or later tonight. Back to work monkey.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday night. 2 hour ride under my belt as well as a ton of pizza. Very much a danger food.
On the schedule for this week.
Monday: rest
Tuesday: Brick (1:20 ride 2 mile run)
Wednesday: am swim; pm 4 mile run
Thursday: 1:30 ride
Friday: am swim; pm 4 mile run
Saturday: long run (How long. ?.)
Sunday: Easter, may be another family day.
I am allowing myself 2 family days and 1 screwoff day each month. Helps with the sanity.
Mondays are an off day for now. My oldest son is into lacrosse and we practice Mondays and then I go right back to work.
If you get to this blog, please comment. Both good and bad. I do have a thick hide and can take just about anything. Also, If you get this through facebook and don't want my updates, don't forget that you can just block my posts. From now until September, nothing much is going to happen to me. Tri, tri, tri, tri...............

Friday, April 3, 2009

Another day and another workout. I haven't posted any schedule yet because my computer has been down. I am up and running again and should have info on here now. Yesterday was a grouling double spinclass workout. Lots of funny looks for the guy who wouldn't get of his bike. It went well and I celebrated by drinking the last of the beers in the house. I will be off the beer after this weekend. Today is a 4 mile run. Nice slow recover run. Kind of cool but good running weather.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here we go. This is my first attempt at anything like this. How Narcissistic is it that I would think that anyone cared about how I did training for a triathlon.
For those of you who don't know me very well, I have tried dozens of times in the past to "get in shape" and lose the weight that I earned through many long nights of partying. I have signed up for several races and DNS (did not show). I have tried to finish a ton of training plans. Nothing seemed to work. Last year, I talked a few of my co-workers into signing up for the Louisville Ironman race. I am the odds-on favorite to not show on race day. I will show and I will finish and I will NOT pick up cones. I figured this would be a good way to keep everyone updated on my progress and what is working and not working. It may inspire others and it may give someone a little shadefreud while they see the torture that I'm putting myself through. I plan to post my planned workouts for the week and then followup with how they went. I don't plan on posting diet info, but I might if someone thinks that may be helpful. I will also post any race results that I may have, both for myself and my friends that have signed up to do this with me. Tomorrow, I'll post my workouts from this past week and the week to follow. My email address is at the top, feel free to write and tell me how you think it's going.
Thanks for checking in.