Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fatigue is not fatal, but it will slow you down

It comes right back to fuel. Didn't fuel up correctly for today's workout. Did fine on my hour ten minute ride. Still riding at the gym. Not because I'm lazy, but my bike is still in the shop getting overhauled. Should be on the road next week.
Fell drastically short on the 2 mile run. Ended up being a 1 mile shuffle. Not discouraged though. Another lesson learned. Legs are lead-like. They told me this would happen.
Today's workout is fairly important as far as attitude goes. AM swim (drills) and then a PM run. With working a midnight shift, it's going to be hard to workout at 6:30am, but it needs to be done.
Luckily I get to go home right after the swim and sleep like a baby. That part is nice.
Back to nutrition. It is time to start applying the rules that I know. Couple weeks off the booze and back to the natural foods. Green is good.

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