Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday night/Tuesday morning...whatever

Late at work again. Lacrosse was cancelled for tonight. Weather was too crappy. True to my word, instead of taking the day off, went to the pool. Ladder workout. Swam 50 then 100 then 150 up to 300 and back down. Not too grouling. More of an endurance workout. Should be my Monday workout from now on. Screw days off. Feeling pretty good about the training so far. I should be catching up okay. Plan on adding a couple 100 each week, until I get to 3000 for this workout. Doable.
Finnally starting to get nutrition worked out. Big problem for me. PIZZA IS NOT ENERGEY FOOD. More like running e85 instead of 93 octane. Got to get up to 93. E85 sucks. More tomorrow or later tonight. Back to work monkey.


  1. Dude you are a bad ass! Few of my co-workers are preparing for the flying pig. Inspiring to watch now that we are all turning 40! Tell the wife I said hi!

  2. Thanks Jodi. Good to hear from you.