Monday, April 20, 2009

Okay, folks have been clamoring for an update, so here it goes. More self-indulgence. Thursdays run went pretty well. 4 miles in less than 48 minutes. I know what you're saying, "That's is neither fast nor far." While you are correct, neither am I. It was a good run for me. I know coach is going to bitch, but 2 runs a week for now makes me feel much better. Next run is Tuesday. Long for me 6 miles.
Friday was a short swim. Just enough to get wet. Saturday, as a result of falling into a bottle of vodka the night before, was a waste. It was supposed to be a ride. To make up for it, I went for a 27 mile ride in the hurricane force (15knot) winds and freezing rain (light drizzle and 45 degrees). It still sucked. Penance for skipping Saturday. This week will be a busy one.
I swam 23oo today. 800 of balance drills and 15 main set. Could tell that the balance drills worked and then felt them go away mid set. Going to break up balance drills into smaller pieces placed in the middle of the main set. Tomorrow: long run. Wednesday: swim/20 mile bike.
Thursday: 20 mile bike/2 mile run.
Friday: swim 2500. Saturday: 35-40 mile bike. Sunday: 20-30 mile bike (family picture day, you know).

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