Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Out of the pool and feeling good. Plenty left in the tank. Maybe that's because I cut the swim to about 1800yds. Halfway through my first 500, someone gets in the pool who obviously can't read the "PLEASE SHOWER BEFORE ENTERING THE POOL!" sign. Ladies and gentlemen please, please, please wash off that nasty perfume/cologne/body spray crap. That stuff just floats on the water and infects my lungs. I almost lost my snack. I had to quit early. let this be a lesson to me, never swim during prime time. Get the workout done in the early afternoon. Sorry about the rant.
It was very chilly and windy early this afternoon. I mean windy. 20-30 knots of wind. Not going to accomplish much more than getting frustrated out there today. Modified schedule. Long bike tomorrow and a swim/bike Friday.
Like many of my friends, I am having a lot of trouble with my feet. I have what I believe to be "semsmoiditus" a real condition. I went to the ortho guy a few years back. The bones under the big toe split apart and cause swelling and a lot of pain. Can you train for an Ironman and not run a step before July. We may find out. I ran 4 miles Tuesday and could barely walk after. Sore and swollen foot. Going to let it heal right before I start to torture myself again. Any suggestions from out there would be good.
Peace. Love.

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  1. Do you have orthotics for your shoes? Might be worth looking into. Also, does it hurt on the top of your foot, over your toes?