Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday night. 2 hour ride under my belt as well as a ton of pizza. Very much a danger food.
On the schedule for this week.
Monday: rest
Tuesday: Brick (1:20 ride 2 mile run)
Wednesday: am swim; pm 4 mile run
Thursday: 1:30 ride
Friday: am swim; pm 4 mile run
Saturday: long run (How long. ?.)
Sunday: Easter, may be another family day.
I am allowing myself 2 family days and 1 screwoff day each month. Helps with the sanity.
Mondays are an off day for now. My oldest son is into lacrosse and we practice Mondays and then I go right back to work.
If you get to this blog, please comment. Both good and bad. I do have a thick hide and can take just about anything. Also, If you get this through facebook and don't want my updates, don't forget that you can just block my posts. From now until September, nothing much is going to happen to me. Tri, tri, tri, tri...............

1 comment:

  1. pretty cool. I will be watching. Not sure what you meant by days off but I suggest one per week. Good luck!