Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally an update. Not that it's much of a surprise, but the workouts have not been going well. I have totally jacked up my back. I rode 25 on last Tuesday, felt okay. Mowed the grass that night. The following day I could barely get out of my car after sitting for a while. Back to the chiropractor on Friday. A good adjustment, but as suspected, the back is still sore. Turns out my body is way out of kilter. 1 hip is at least an inch higher that the other. A few weeks of treatment and it should be back. I am still sore so I'm going to take one more day off and then get in the pool. Last swim went great. 3 x 1000 yds. with warmup, it was about 3200 yds al together. I feel strong in the pool if not fast. Last long ride was last week as well. 37 miles. Not too shabby. I will be back on the bike and in the pool this week. I'm going to take today off and rest. No yard work or pool opening for me. Just sitting and getting healed. One more day off won't ruin everything, right? RIGHT? 

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