Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Okay sports fans. I am back in. Maybe without as much gusto and bravado as last time. but I am back. That's what the blog name implies anyway. I can't give up. Addictive/compulsive personality disorder.
I just returned from the ortho guy and things check out well with the foot. Since my last post I have had surgery to repair the joint and tendons that were screwed up from the slipping accident. I can do as much as doesn't hurt. I can start running in the pool and biking. I have also begun to skate again. Things seem to be working fine. My goals for next year are much smaller than last. While I missed doing MIE, I do believe that I could have and would have finished Ironman Louisville. I was on the right track to accomplish that. Having said that, we may never know. I may have crashed and burned. I will be back.
Back to the goals. I will attempt the MIE endurathon, yet again. This will be my fifth attempt. Last year was a disaster because of my injury. The three tries before that were shitty because I didn't train and decided not to show up. This is where my friends and coworkers get the impression that I can't finish. This will be the year, barring an injury, that I get it done. Other than the people who may follow or stumble across this blog, I will be keeping my plan under wraps. Nothing is worse that training, albeit not as hard as needed, for six months and then stopping because of an injury. This year may not be much different. But I can't quit trying. SO it starts tomorrow. Back in the pool to run and weights. The first 4 months are going to be focusing on dropping the weight needed to train effectively. The last 6 months are all tri-training. I'll update as things progress. Encouragement is always welcome. Harassment is always expected.

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