Sunday, October 4, 2009


This is going to sound downright silly to many of you. And no, I'm not drunk right now. A friend and I are going to go without alcohol and sweets (candy, soda, desert) for 28 days. He may go a little longer, but I get Halloween off and then right back at it until Thanksgiving. Did I mention that if you slip, you get punched. Just in the arm or back, and maybe without warning. We had originally agreed to a punch in the face, but we were drunk at the time. Seems drastic. But drastic weights call for drastic measures. Last night was the final blow out and my ears are still ringing. Polka Boy was great. I think. I do know that the pizza from the Willard was fantastic. Today will be a nice slow recovery day. Tonight's workout includes officiating and adult hockey game. 90 minutes of skating. Not NHL pace, but definitely pushing it for me. You are more than welcome to join me on this quest.
After taking off Thanksgiving weekend, I'll be starting the P90x program. For those that haven't seen it, it's an intense 90 day workout program designed to kill all but the strongest. Not really, but if you do it right, it will take off the pounds. I'll keep you updated as we go. I'll try and update everyday, but I won't include the usual minutia you see on Facebook.

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