Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 2 or 27ish to go.

Okay, the day went well. Food consumption could have been so much better. Breakfast was good. Big bowl of Total. Lunch, big bowl of chili and spaghetti. Too big probably. I did run myself out of fuel last night. Reffing a hockey game for 90 minutes is really a lot of work. Not complaining, just sayin'..... Got home at 11:45, tried to go right to sleep. No food, just water. Very empty machine. That said, my afternoon snack was half a peanut butter sandwhich, a bologna and cheese sandwhich, and a handful of chips. Yes sounds like a lot. Nothing illegal, but. Then it's off to Zach's hockey practice, so I got a little bit of a workout. Skating for an hour. Here's my downfall, Chick-fil-a on the way to work. Not bad, fries (evil) and a chicken sandwhich. No soda, but way too much refined sugar and bread today. Nothing since then and it's now 3:15am. Midshifts aren't all that they're cracked up to be. My new goal for the week is to stay out of the drive-through. Hockey is now in full swing and that's going to be hard. i t can be done, but it'll be tough. SO for the rest of the week, no drive thrus. Period.
The beer thing isn't difficult, I just like beer. Tastes good and the side affects aren't too bad. Except for the getting fat thing. And eating way too much when you're drunk. And feeling like shit in the morning and not making your workout. That sort of thing. This may stick a little longer than a month or two.
Workouts this week. Tuesday, pool run and spinning class. I may just have to go to the gym and ride. Wednesday: weights, lite spin and stretching. Thursday: officiate a hockey game. Friday: weights and abs. Saturday: OFF (yard work). Sunday: officiate 2 ockey games, back to back. Yes I'm nuts. 3 hours of straight skating. Should be fun. Hence the day off on Saturday. Monday: right back into it.
If I can stay out of the drive through this week, I may be able to expand my goals for the next few weeks. I know I said no minutia, but I felt it was nesc. to get my point across. Nuff said.
Until tomorrow.

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