Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not Quite Daily

OK. Not quite getting the posts done everyday, but it is Thursday and I only missed one day of blogging. Like you guys give a shit if it's everyday. My goal is to see how many people will hide my posts. If you get sick of this leave a comment and let me know.
Weight when I started on Sunday was 233ish. Today 230.5. There are 2 schools of thought on daily weight loss. The one I'm going with is that if it's in your mind everyday, it will help you stay motivated. The otherr is that weight loss fluctuates so much that you may be elated one day simply because you drank too little water and are dehydrated so your weight is down. The you cheat and weigh a ton the next day. Or, your weight is high because you are well hydrated and haven't had that morning BM yet and then you get discouraged and start eating wrong again. If you are committed to staying with a heathy diet, daily weigh-ins may be the thing to keep you going.
OKAY, exercise. Didn't quite get the 5 miles on the mid Monday night. I did walk 4 miles last night. Started logging all my food and workouts on the LIVESTRONG website. (Thanks for the tip Heather.) It really is a great website for this sort of thing. Anyway, tonight is another officiating job. 90 minutes of skating. Doesn't sound like a lot? Try it I'm not a martyr or anything, but it is on the difficult side. This is not a workout I can skip since I'm expected to be there. Friday I may actually get to the gym. Shannon and I have decided to put all of our workouts on the calender and then we all know where we need to be and when.
I think that's all for now. The weather sucks and I may just go and take a snooze. PEACE

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