Friday, October 9, 2009

Part of the problem with denying yourself something is that that one thing becomes what you think about. Fridays are normally down time around here. Everyone is tired from a long work week and looking forward to Saturday. A lot of times we get together with the neighbors and hang out. Drink too much and do the same thing the next day. Without the enticement of a drink, I really just want to lay around and rest up today. I don't need a beer or a glass of wine, but the idea is a little comforting. It's a matter of being able to do what I want. Having a choice. But I will be strong. I don't care a bout the punch from Fraga. He hits like a girl. I just don't want to admit that I can't do it. This weekend will be the toughest. I know that. Once you get used to something, you can keep it up. It will be nice to wake up tomorrow without a foggy head. :)
On to food. I've been logging all of my food onto the LiveStrong website. I really is a great tool. I went to Skyline chili for lunch today. Mainly because it was convienient. I had no idea how many calories were in a 3-way or a cheese coney. Totally flabergasted. 350 cal per coney, and a regular 3-way has over 700. amazing. If I had seen that before I ordered, I would have gotten something else.
Okay enough rambling about food. My officiating went well yesterday. Lots of skating, but I felt good. A lot more confident. This Sunday, I actually have 4 games scheduled now. When I took the games in Columbus, I thought they were for the following weekend. I feel bad backing out. SOunds kike he needs some people. This could also lead to other jobs. So, 2 Bantam games Sunday morning and then 2 adult games Sunday night, And then the Colts game. Big fun

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