Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last week was a hard "age-grouper" week. Last Monday left me spent. I haven't reffed that many games in a long time. I was finally able to work out again on Friday. (Missing two workouts in a week sucks.) Friday night i worked a midnight shift which left a few hours for sleep before friends and family came over fir a cookout Saturday afternoon. Needless to say, no workouts Saturday.
This is the life of an age-grouper. Trying to balance friends, family, work, and the day-to-day. I am still on track to complete the Monumental Half marathon in November. Never give up. Niemals aufgaben. Today is an hour bike with some basic calisthenics (push-ups and sit-ups (crunches and core)). The pool is going to be freezing when I get home. Maybe I'll skip the post workout dip. Rest assured I am getting back on track. I will finish the 'half' this fall and be on my way to an Ironman.
I think I've chosen Gleaners Food Bank as my first charity group. They are a local food bank that is struggling to make ends meet with the bad economy. So the Monumental Marathon will be run for Gleaners. I'm going to put signs up at work starting in October. That should give me plenty of time to collect some funds. As I said before, this effort is to raise awareness, not just money. If you don't live in Indy, or if you don't want to give to Gleaner's, pledge to give to someone. Pick your favorite charity and give. Find a family in need and give. Give your pare change to a homeless guy downtown. Just do something to better the world.
Thanks for listening.

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